Unocoin: Buy, Sell, Store, Use & Accept Bitcoin

Sunny is the Co-founder and President of Unocoin, a leading bitcoin and blockchain company.  Unocoin makes it easy to securely buy, sell, store, use and accept bitcoin.

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Blockchain Impact: Bootcamp & Event

Sunny is the founder of bitcoin and blockchain community event series, Fintech Canada.  'Blockchain Impact: Bootcamp & Event' will be taking place on December 8th, 2017.

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Blockchain Consultant, Advisor & Speaker

Sunny is an articulate and original blockchain legend who started one of the leading companies in the industry.  He saw the monetary future before the rest of the world and is a sought after speaker.

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Man on a Mission

Sunny operates beyond the level of pure technology & always considers relevant social, economic, environmental, political and cultural issues in the local, regional, national & global level.

He is the Co-founder and President at Unocoin, India's leading bitcoin company. Unocoin is a platform that makes it easy to securely buy, sell, store, send, receive, use and accept bitcoin. Bitcoin is the world's first open source, decentralized, digital currency and payment network.

Unocoin makes it easy to securely buy, sell, store, use and accept bitcoin. Our investors include Digital Currency Group (Barry Silbert), (Adam and Tim Draper), FundersClub, Bank to the Future (Max Keiser), Blume Ventures, Bitcoin Capital, Wood Investment Partners, Mumbai Angels, Ah! Ventures, Andrew 'Flip' Filipowski, 2020 Ventures and Huiyin Venture.

Sunny also leads several blockchain community initiatives in India and Canada.  He's passionate about making a lasting impact on the world by leveraging his technical and business knowledge and expertise. Blockchain Impact: Bootcamp & Event will be hosted on December 8th, 2017 in Toronto, sign up below:

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